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Playful Substance
Zoom Performance

For Good: Measure, Director

A development and zoom performance of an original

7-minute monologue by Amanda Faye Lacson.

"...truly remarkable. This commentary about how we treat the world around us used examples of goat habits, and the slow digression of a glacier sneaks up on our psyche to leave us with a feeling of emptiness. It's difficult to offer cheers on a piece with such a message, more like knowing nods, but one can say it was truly well-written and so naturally acted as to seem like a free style stream of consciousness (down to recognizing the sounds of the city outside her window).  Her location was ironic as all we see are her and a bookcase – again adding to the learning experience." - Outer Stage

Open Lab Collective
Gene Frankel Theater

Two Days 'til Dawn, Director/Producer/Sound Designer

A workshop and full staging of an original play by Tyler Ham Pong (co­producer).

A troubled writer, who  risks his grasp on reality in search of inspiration, disconnects from his family and, with potentially more at stake, seeks salvation through the advice given by the ghosts of three literary figures.

Chaotically Complete Collaboration Festival 
Harold Clurman Theater


​The Twins Go to Chic­a­Filet, Director​

In 24 hours, 2 producers oversaw 2 stage managers as they assigned 8 plays by Bill Daniel to 8 directors, who were assigned 23 actors in 23 roles. 

T. Schreiber Studio
Gloria Maddox Theater

The Cherry Orchard, Assistant Director

Chekhov’s elegy chronicles Madame Ranevskaya’s futile attempt to save her ancestral estate and its beloved cherry orchard.

"Schreiber brilliantly navigates the balance between comedy and tragedy that makes this play, like all of Chekhov's best work, so human and so humane."

Open Lab Collective
Emerson College

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Director/Producer/Sound Designer

In a courtroom somewhere between Heaven and Hell, two attorneys and a parade of famous witnesses, argue over the fate of Judas Iscariot, known for his betrayal of Jesus.

"...a greater gift is her intuitive knowledge of the human psyche. In The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Laura Sisskin Fernández displays the ability to observe the natural world and mimic it in a believable and engaging way."

Penelope Hirsch Directing Award




Greg Serebuoh, Director
Dixon Place

Transformatique, Assistant Director 

This multi-disciplinary theatrical piece chronicles a journey of conscious transformation from spiritual isolation to heightened awareness of self in a series of vignettes that each represent moments of personal transformation within a larger journey of growth, fulfillment, reconciliation, and a sense of integration in a broader collective. 


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